NAHS Annual Conference & Awards 2019

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On the 14th November 2019 we held our Annual Conference, AGM and #NAHS19 awards which were very kindly sponsored by Paxton Access. We would like to thank all those of you who took the time to nominate and recognise the outstanding and committed staff who work to keep our Healthcare environment, staff and patients safe. Our judging panel had an extremely difficult time working through the nominations and choosing their winners as the quality of the nominations was so high.

The Award categories were as follows:

• Healthcare Security Officer
• Healthcare Security Team
• Healthcare Security Manager / ASMS (LSMS)
• Security Innovation
• Violence Reduction Initiative
• Healthcare Security Executive / Security Management Director or Non-Exec Director

We received an increased number of nominations from last year and would like to recognise all the nominees.

Healthcare Security Officer - Nominations were received for the following:

• Linda Darko
• Michael Umoru
• Anser Khan
• Richard Davies
• Tiffany Satchell
• Gary Bertenshaw

The winner was Tiffany Satchell – download the nomination HERE.

Healthcare Security Team - Nominations were received for:

• Guys and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust
• Sandwell and West Birmingham and the City Hospital
• University Hospital of North Durham
• Hillingdon Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
• Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust
• Clinical Liaison Nursing Team, Mersey Care NHS Trust
• The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
• University Hospital Lewisham Security Team, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
• Whittington Health NHS Trust
• North Bristol NHS Trust

The winners of this category were the team from Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. Download the nomination HERE.

Healthcare Security Manager / ASMS (LSMS) – Nominations were received for:

• Andrew Starkey
• Peter Paskin
• Ian Leese
• Lucy Lott
• Martin O’Reilly
• Paul Smith

The winner of this category was Peter Paskin. Download the nomination HERE.

Security Innovation - Nominations were received from the following:

• Clinical Liaison Nursing Team, Mersey Care NHS Trust

The winners were the Clinical liaison Nursing Team from Mersey Care NHS Trust. Download the nomination HERE.

Violence Reduction Initiative category was awarded to the Anti-Violence campaign initiated by University Hospital Birmingham in association with West Midlands Police. Their nomination is available to download HERE.

Jayne King, NAHS Chair awarded the Chair’s award to Jim Tighe of West London NHS Trust for his pioneering work on the use of Body Worn Video within a clinical environment.

Jayne had the following to say when presenting the award:

‘Jim is the LSMS at West London Mental Health NHS Trust.

Jim has led tirelessly on the introduction of a Body Worn Video pilot for NHS staff in clinical areas for over 2 years. The initial pilot covered West London Mental Health Forensic units and has now been evaluated and published. The tenacity shown along with the willingness to share the pilot scheme, lessons learnt and the evaluation initially with other LSMS’s across London and more recently on a national level make Jim a role model for the LSMS title. The evaluation has shown a reduction in the use of physical restraint which can only improve the patient experience and promote a safer environment for NHS staff.

It is my view this may be a game changer in the field of Healthcare Security and as long as the correct governance processes are implemented and followed, will become an integral part of the toolkit used in Healthcare security to provide healthcare security services and the promotion of safer working for all’.

A slideshow of various pictures from the day have been included below.