We are pleased to launch the NAHS 2020 Awards in order to recognise the exceptional work of Healthcare Security Professionals from our the Country.   Please note that nominations open today Sunday 6th September and submissions must be received by close of business on Wednesday 30th September 2020.  Send all completed nomination forms and any supporting evidence to info@nahs.org.uk ensuring that you add ‘Awards Nomination’ to the subject line.   We apologise for the short timescale involved but we hope you are all still able to nominate.

Please click on the category link below to take you to the document download page.  Once complete, please save the form with the category name along with the of the nominee, team or Manager in the title before submitting it.   If you are sending any supporting evidence, incident reports etc. please ensure that all patient data and personal identifiable data is redacted.   Any nomination forms received after the deadline of 30th September will not be entered or considered.   The winners will be announced at the #NAHS20 Online event on 12th November 2020.   Thank you and Good Luck to all Nominees and Entries.

Nomination for Healthcare Security Officer.

Nomination for Healthcare Security Team.

Nomination for Healthcare Security Manager.

Nomination for Healthcare Security Innovation.

Nomination for Violence Reduction Initiative.


If you have any questions or need guidance, please email us at info@nahs.org.uk