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    • Hi Simon. Welcome to the very small and extremely select Mental Health Special Interest Group. It would be great if we could get a group discussion going in here. I will continue to promote these groups so lets hope we can gather up some interested parties
      All the best

      • Thanks John, two topics that may be of interest to the group to discuss; firstly the new Restraint Reduction Network Standards and this news article regarding revised sentencing guidelines where offenders have certain MH Conditions.

        • I agree 100%. Even as a non MH Trust, we are acutely aware of this piece of work, especially as I have just written a new Use of Restraint Policy and have run training fort Security Officers on Mental Health awareness.

          • Not sure if anyone subscribes to the HSJ but there is an interesting article online today regarding poor experiences of (usually female patients) who attend A&E after incidents of self harm. The article focuses on the experiences of two patients in particular who describe negative behaviours towards them. They describe being “searched, restrained by security guards, had their belongings taken away, left to wait for hours without explanation or communication, and denied their liberty without any clear explanation”. The article describes concerns about the legal position around preventing patients who attend A&E voluntarily from leaving and one patient goes on to describe a recent experience in a London A&E dept:

            “It was frightening and traumatic. I wanted to leave. So, I started asking ‘please let me go’. I must have said it 100 times. When I tried to leave, I was physically stopped and pinned down by the male ‘secure RMN’ and other male staff. I was shouted at, had my bag confiscated and my possessions were also searched, just because it was self-harm, not because I posed a risk to anybody. I was told to ‘stop playing games or you’ll be sectioned’.

            “I was prevented from leaving for five hours. I have had experiences before in excess of that, sometimes up to two, three, or four days. On this occasion I was forced to have treatment and investigations that I didn’t consent to. I was forced to have arterial blood gas testing and other invasive tests; I wasn’t offered any pain relief. That has happened to me a lot with self-harm…

            “Initially they said I couldn’t leave, but after five hours when a medical doctor from elsewhere in the hospital spoke to me, they decided I could. During that whole time I’d been there, I’d not seen anyone from psych liaison, no one had done a mental capacity assessment. I repeatedly asked to see liaison psychiatry in the emergency department but was told I couldn’t see them until I was ‘medically cleared’ which the emergency department said would not be until at least the next day.”