Members Newsletter February 2020

Welcome to the February edition of our Newsletter. In this month’s edition you can find:

  • The letter to all NHS Staff from the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care on Violence to NHS staff and the draft Violence Reduction Standards issued by NHS England on 18th Feb.
  • An article on the use of Body Worn Video. 
  • A reminder of the OSPAs taking place this month and the #NAHS19 Award winners who made it as finalists.
  • The link to the consultation on the draft SIA Code of Conduct for Security operatives.
  • Details on the launch of the Job Board and how to advertise your vacancies on the NAHS website.
  • Update on the 2020 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) process.
  • Dates for your diary and forthcoming events we are participating at and supporting this year.

We were planning to run an article featuring an interview with the CCTV User Group but due to recent events and the launch of the Draft Violence Reduction Standards, this has been postponed until our March edition.

Violence Against NHS Staff

Letter to all NHS Staff from the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and publication of Draft Violence Reduction Standards

On 18th February, Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care published a letter to all NHS staff regarding Violence against NHS staff.  In the letter, he provides a commitment to drive forward his 4 priorities for the NHS: people, infrastructure, technology and prevention.

He went on to explain that the priorities are backed up by the Government manifesto commitments: ‘50,000 more nurses working in our NHS, 40 new hospitals improving care and treatment, 50 million new GP appointments available each year, and more.’

Of these priorities, ‘supporting the people in our NHS is my first priority‘.  The letter to all NHS staff is available here via the GOV.UK website.

The release of the letter has prompted a mixed response from NHS staff and the public with some very interesting discussions and observations being made on the various social media channels as well as the Security Management portal.

We (NAHS) are clear that the safety and security of our staff, patients and visitors and the provision of a safe and secure environment is the core function for all Healthcare Security Management specialists and Trusts, however, without the appropriate training, accreditation and centralised focus and hub, the risk is that organisations will ‘do their own thing’ and any NHS strategy or consistent approach becomes an impossibility.

At the same time, NHS England also published draft Violence Reduction Standards on the Future NHS Collaboration Platform.  We understand that a consultation period of 8 days has been given with a closing date on 2nd March and so we have attached a copy of the draft document here and will be asking members to provide their comments and observations as this is your opportunity to have your views heard.  It is worth noting that all reference to Security Management has been removed and replaced with Violence Reduction.

If you are unable to access the document on the NHS Future Collaboration platform, please download it here.  In addition, we will be sending around a poll with some key questions that need answering and want your opinions and views to feedback before the closing date for comments on 2nd March.  We ask that you all take the time to respond to this really important issue.

Access the Poll on the Draft Violence Reduction Standards here

NAHS will be calling on NHS England and NHS Improvement to ensure this aspect of the NHS agenda is not forgotten as Violence is just one of the many challenges we face operationally on a daily basis.

The Use of Body Worn Video

The use of Body Worn Video (BWV) has become the ‘norm’ in many hospitals, with Security Officers initially being the key users of these devices, however, over the last few years we have seen a number of trials and studies being undertaken into the use of BWV within inpatient mental health units and by nurses on wards.  Some essential reading on the matter is a research paper published in the Mental Health in Family Medicine Journal (2017) 13: 393-400 entitled ‘The Feasibility of Using Body Worn Cameras in an Inpatient Mental Health Setting’ and discusses the benefits to staff safety but also the benefits to patient safety and wellbeing.

We have included a link to the full research paper but wanted to highlight the following abstract:

‘A study of police wearing body-worn cameras showed a reduction in complaints and a decrease in occurrences and crimes. Mental health staff working in inpatient settings do not routinely wear cameras. The aim of this project was to examine the feasibility of using body-worn cameras in an inpatient mental health setting.

Method: Calla supplied 12 Reveal cameras which were worn by the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression team and nursing staff on five psychiatric inpatient wards in Northampton and England following training.

Results: The training provided prepared staff to use the cameras effectively. There were very few technical issues with the body-worn cameras though some refinement to the harness is required to improve comfort. Both staff and patients considered that their use in an inpatient mental health setting was beneficial. Compared to the same period the year before, there was a reduction in complaints and incidents during the duration of the pilot.’  The complete paper is available here.

The use of BWV continues to grow and as NAHS Member Jim Tighe of West London NHS Trust stated in his presentation to the #NAHS19 Annual Conference, more and more NHS and Mental Health Trusts are deploying the cameras within inpatient wards.  There are even a number of NHS Trusts who are utilising the cameras within their A&E to tackle abuse and violence from the very people they are trying to care for.

Please take the time to view Jim’s presentation which is available to download here.

We have also added some additional documents to the library, including the MOPAC study issued in 2015 (available to download here) and the Home Office CPNI guidance entitled Technical guidance for Body Worn Video available to read here.

The area of BWV will also be addressed in next months newsletter when we will be featuring an interview and blog post from the CCTV User Group who have kindly offered their support, assistance and guidance to NAHS Members.

Outstanding Security Performance Awards

We wanted to remind you all that the OSPAs are taking place on Wednesday, 26th February 2020 at the Royal Lancaster London and the winners of the #NAHS19 Awards are all finalists. Tickets can bear still available via the following link.  If you are able to attend please provide your support for:

  • Tiffany Satchell, Noonan Security who won the Security Officer category.
  • Peter Paskin, SAFE who won the Security Manager / ASMS (LSMS) category.
  • Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells who won the Healthcare Security Team category.
  • University Hospital Birmingham in association with West Midlands Police who won the Violence Reduction Initiative category.
  • Healthcare Security Innovation – Clinical Liaison Nurses (Security), Mersey Care NHS Trust.

Click here for the full list of the OSPA Finalists.

We want to wish all our #NAHS19 Award winners the very best for the OSPAs as you are all Outstanding Professionals who have performed at the highest level and provided an exceptional service.

Outstanding Security Performance Awards

SIA Draft Code of Conduct Survey

The SIA six-week consultation on a draft code of conduct for SIA licence holders and applicants for SIA licences is due to end on 23 February 2020.

The idea of the draft code of conduct is to improve standards and public they need your help.  You do not have to be a licence holder to participate.  Please take a minute to read the full article here

All SIA Licence holders and NAHS Members are encouraged to complete the survey which is available here

Website Update – Launch of Job Board

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the new Job Page which can be found via the Library tab on the website here.

Members are able to post jobs which can be viewed by all website visitors and as our website is seeing 400 to 500 new visitors each month posting your jobs here increases the scope and range of your audience nationally.  Our Corporate Partners will be able to provide jobs which we will post on their behalf.  The jobs page welcomes adverts for all Security related positions such as Security Officers (in house as well as external / contract), Car Park Management and operational officers, Security Management and ASMS roles.

If you wish to advertise or want to discuss any opportunities, please contact John Currie at


NAHS Annual Conference

12th November 2020, The Studio, Birmingham

We will be returning to The Studio, Birmingham on Thursday 12th November 2020 for this year’s AGM, Conference and Awards #NAHS20.   Save the date in your calendar now and look out for the link to the ticket booking page coming soon.

Update on Continuing Professional Development scheme

We hope you were all able to submit you NAHS CPD for 2019 and are getting ready for the release of this year’s template.  The advice many have shared is to maintain a folder of your evidence and complete the CPD spreadsheet as you go along.

We appreciate that for many of us who have never completed a CPD process, it can be somewhat confusing and so we will be providing guidance and various resources and hope to run some mini workshops at the regional meetings with hints and tips on how to complete your 2020 CPD.

The new criteria and CPD template will be issued by the Security Institute later this month and will be published on the website as soon as it goes live.

If members experience any difficulties or need any assistance or guidance completing their CPD submission, please email

Corporate Partnership Update

We launched our new Corporate Partnership package on the 1st of January 2020 and would like to welcome Maybo as our first Corporate Partner.  Our website will be updated to show a short company bio/description of the services/products they provide along with links to the company website and their social media channels for you to connect with.  We would also like to welcome Bidvest Noonan (UK) Ltd and look forward to publicising them along with the other companies whose applications are being finalised now.

Dates for your Diary

Check out our Events Pages on the NAHS Website for more info.

In our next Edition

In our next edition we will feature:

  • An interview with National Association Surveillance Camera Managers and the CCTV User Group detailing the support available to NAHS members and in particular for those wishing to undertake the CCTV Voluntary Adopter Scheme.
  • Information on the 2020 CPD package.
  • The results of the OSPAs.
As usual, we are keen to promote your good news stories, achievements and case studies as it is great to share good practice
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