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maybo teach physical skills which are proven to be safe, gentle and low arousal when required as a last resort, to staff whose role carries heightened safety risks.

1. Maybo helps organisations reduce the risk of behaviours of concern and workplace violence through the provision of engaging, outcome-focused training programmes.

2. Professionals working in hospitals need to be equipped with the knowledge, tools and skills to ensure the safety of patients, visitors and colleagues in what can be an extremely challenging environment. To meet the diverse needs of hospital staff Maybo has created a series of healthcare programmes that provide safer, everyday practical skills for managing both conflict and clinically related challenging behaviour.

3. Staff working in hospitals strive to provide the highest possible level of care for service users and patients who have varied and often complex requirements, yet they can find themselves subject to challenging behaviour on a day-to-day basis.

Maybo’s award-winning training aims to help reduce the pressure being faced by staff, by providing staff with positive strategies to identify and respond to a patient's psychological and emotional needs. This gives staff the confidence to de-escalate and manage challenging behaviours that represent a risk to safety.

Our training is in line with guidance from British Institute of Learning Disabilities, NHS Protect, Department of Health and Social Care, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Skills for Health, Restraint Reduction Network and Royal College of Nursing.

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