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GSTS specialises in healthcare security. Their senior management team incorporate previous LSMS and NHS security managers who know how healthcare security should be run. As a result, the company is able to work hand in hand with NHS Trusts around the UK and can adapt their working practices to suit each Trusts’ individual needs. GSTS has demonstrable experience of being able to suggest cost-effective security measures but at the same time able to offer the reassurance to Trusts that they are safe and secure.

In one Trust alone where they provide guarding services, they have been able to suggest changes to the bed watch service resulting in a saving of £600k per annum, along with improving procedures to ensure compliant and more empathetic patient care.

As a routine part of their training, the company teaches specialist skills only previously taught to the emergency services.

GSTS is pleased to announce that it is the first security company in the country to have an accredited bed watch course. (Enhanced Supervision Security Officers).

This three-day intensive course is accredited by Open Awards. It is delivered by a training team comprising Mental Health professionals and Crisis and Conflict resolution experts. The program is a blend of theory, paper feed exercises and practical scenarios which increase in complexity. Officers are assessed throughout the program and by way of final written examination. It is a pass or fail course.


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