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2012 Conference

'Dealing With Challenging Behaviour In Healthcare'



15th November 2012
2012 conference sponsor: Maybo


Robens Suite
Guy's Tower
Guy's Hospital
Great Maze Pond
London SE1 9RT


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Presentations and Speakers

Presentation Speaker(s)
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Sir Hugh Taylor
Chair - Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital

Peter Finch
Chair - NAHS

NHS Protect - Clinically related challenging behaviour – prevention and management
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Andrew Masterman
Policy Lead Violence - NHS Protect
Young People and Mental Health Dr Andrew Hodgkiss
Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist - South London and Maudesley NHSFT
IQ Level 2 Industry Award for Health Care Security Officer
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Ray Clarke
Chief Executive - Industry Qualifications

Challenging Behaviours on the Dialysis Unit
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Dr Therese Andre
Lead Renal Psychologist - Guy’s Hospital, Renal Services
‘Dementia is everyone's business, so what do I need to know?'
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Lucy Frost
Dementia Champion - Brighton & Sussex University Hospital’s NHST
Court Assessment and Advice Service
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Dr Karen Gough
Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist - Somerset Partnership NHSFT
Promoting Calm Through Enhancing the Dementia Care Environment
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Karen Clayton
Dementia Care Specialist - FIND
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Nick van der Bijl
President - NAHS

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Presentation and Speaker Feedback

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