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Action Counters Terrorism – Report terrorist or extremist content online

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OSPAs awards

Delighted to report that we have two NHS finalists in the 2018 OSPAs awards and both were winners at the 2017 NAHS awards.

Mike Lees for outstanding in house Security Manager/Director, Barnsley Hospital.
Luke Etherington for outstanding Security Officer.
Security installer WASP are also a finalist.

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Policing and Crime Act 2017 documents

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PaCA - No Children in Police Stations

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PaCA - Powers of Search

PaCA - The Consultation Requirement

PaCA - The Statutory Regulations Mental Health Cop

PaCA - Twenty Four Hours

Too much police time wasted in A&E

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Home Office refuses to enforce privacy code on NHS staff using video.

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The legal status of informal patients brought to A&E for Mental Health Assessment – a call for change:

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57% of Assaults on NHS Staff from Over-75s

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